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Happy clients

I've enjoyed a successful working life, changing careers, reinventing myself, all while having fun. Then it hit me. I never saw IT coming...I lost my confidence and my way. My belief in myself diminished and I began to struggle. I disliked work and was totally unable to motivate myself. I knew I had to do something. So I took a deep breath and looked on the internet for a coach. As soon as I saw Tina, I knew I would be able to speak to this 'stranger'. Taking that leap to contact Tina has been the best thing I've done this year, in fact, the best thing I've done in the last few years! I was nervous when we first started our sessions, but with Tina's encouragement and patience I slowly began to think for myself again. My confidence grew and I started to take control of my life as I once had. Tina enabled me to make decisions, make choices and above all, to stride forward fearlessly. Tina has simply been a godsend. Thank you Tina.

Kulwant, UK

I met Tina at a time in my life when I was struggling with a number of things: anxiety; understanding what to do with my career; and trying to find a balance between my personal commitments and finding personal happiness. Tina provided a safe space to talk without fear of being judged and has helped me to accept that the past has happened - it is the present and the future that are important. She is friendly, warm, funny, engaging and enthusiastic, to the extent that I have felt like I'm talking to an old friend that I can really trust. I cannot recommend Tina highly enough. In a modern world, where women are still struggling to breach the 'glass ceiling', she offers a unique a approach that can help reframe our outlook in order to move on with our lives in the right way and achieve our goals. 

Charlotte, UK

Before I spoke with Tina I felt frustrated and lost with where I was heading with my life. Tina helped me to take the steps to figure out what was important to me and makes me happy. She always made me feel comfortable and supported me to express myself in our sessions. I don't feel like I would be where I am today without Tina's guidance and support. Thank you for all your encouragement and for believing in me Tina!

Nicole, Australia