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Rediscover meaning, purpose and joy in your career by uncovering the essence of who you are and finding the courage to follow your heart. 

I would love to help. 

How does coaching work?

One to one coaching is a conversation between two people, with the aim of moving someone from where they are to where they want to be. 

I like to think of coaching as a bit of a road trip! After agreeing on a desired destination, I accompany my clients on a beautiful, if sometimes challenging journey to find the courage and clarity they need to get 'unstuck' and move towards the life they want. Whilst the client leads the way, the coach, as a companion and objective bystander, supports and encourages the client through open questioning, deep listening and reflecting back, to notice and explore what might help them to get there and how to overcome or remove any obstacles that might be getting in the way. 

Coaching works with the understanding that the client already has all of the resources they need to live the life they want. This means that the client is at the heart of the coaching relationship, setting the agenda for each session and taking full responsibility for decisions and actions. 

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